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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Beer Pot     terracotta   
Beer Pot     terracotta   
Beer Pot     terracotta   
Bound Figure     terracotta  ca. 12th century - 15th century 
Brewing Pot     terracotta   
Ceramic Pipe     terracotta   
Ceremonial Pot     terracotta   
Ceremonial Pot     terracotta   
Commemorative Head     terracotta  ca. 19th century 
Commemorative Head Fragment     terracotta  ca. 17th century - 18th century 
Container for Tranporting and Storing Water     terracotta   
Equestrian Fragment     terracotta  possibly 14th century - 16th century 
Head     terracotta  ca. 500 BCE - 300 CE 
Head     terracotta  possibly between 16th century - 19th century 
Honey Pot     terracotta   
Jar for Oil, Water, or Alcohol     terracotta   
Kneeling Mother and Child Figure     terracotta   
Lidded Pot     terracotta   
Lidded Pot for Storing Personal Possessions     terracotta   
Men's Clay Flask with Abstract Detail     blackened earthenware   
Pipe     earthenware with kaolin   
Pot     terracotta   
Pot     terracotta   
Pregnant Female Figure     terracotta  1200 - 1600 
Seated Female Figure     terracotta   
Shea Butter Jar     terracotta   
Shrine Sculpture     terracotta  early 20th century 
Storage Container     terracotta   
Storage Pot     terracotta   
Two Handled Beer Brewing Vessel     terracotta   
Vessel     terracotta with red ochre pigment  possibly 18th century - 19th century 
Vessel for Serving Beer     terracotta   
Vessel for Storing and Transporting Water     terracotta   
Water Container     terracotta   
Water Container     terracotta   
Water Container     terracotta   
Water Pot     terracotta   
Water Pot     terracotta  20th century 
Water Pot     terracotta