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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Hornbill Mask (Gegon) with Islamic Inscriptions     wood, raffia, and ink  mid 20th century 
Kola Nut Container     wood  mid 20th century 
Crest Mask (Chi Wara)     wood, beads  mid 20th century 
Elu Mask with Hinged Jaw     wood  mid 20th century 
Bowl for Divination Implements (Opon Igede)   Areogun   wood  mid 20th century 
Elephant Cap Mask     cotton and glass beads  mid 20th century 
Seated Female Figure     wood  mid 20th century 
Dance Wand (Eshu)     wood  mid 20th century 
Whistle     wood  mid 20th century 
Elepant Spirit Crest Mask (Ogbodo Enyi)     wood and metal  mid 20th century 
Cap Mask (Mbuya)     wood and pigment  mid 20th century - late 20th century 
Cap Mask (Pumbu)     wood, pigment, cloth, and fiber  mid 20th century - late 20th century 
Spiral Currency Piece     brass  possibly 14th century - 15th century 
Equestrian Fragment     terracotta  possibly 14th century - 16th century 
Animal Figure     wood  possibly 18th century 
Vessel     terracotta with red ochre pigment  possibly 18th century - 19th century 
Head     terracotta  possibly between 16th century - 19th century 
Stool     wood  possibly late 19th century 
Stool     wood  possibly late 19th century 
Reliquary Guardian Figure     wood, stain, and metal  possibly late 19th century 
Incense Burner with Fragment of Lamp Disc     bronze  probably 20th century