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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Woman Leaning on a Column: Maquette No. 2,   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1929 
Head: Maquette No. 2   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1932 
Rescue of the Child: Maquette No. 1   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1933 
Presidential Scholar Medal (Lyndon Baines Johnson), recto   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1964 
Presidential Scholar Medal (Lyndon Baines Johnson), verso   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1964 
Untitled   Littleton, Harvey K.   cased glass  1981 
Small Storyteller   Lucero, Leonora L.   ceramic  1978 
Goblets   Mace, Flora   blown glass  after 1976 
Pot with Scalloped Lip and Braid Motif   Manygoats, Betty   ceramic  ca. 1980 
Matte Black on Blackware Plate with Radiating Feather Motif   Maria Martinez & Santana Roybal Martinez   earthenware  20th century 
Storyteller   Martinez, Juanita   earthenware  1982 
Goblet   Minson, James   blown lampworked glass  1996 
Sculpture   Monod, Claude   high density blown glass with colored inclusions  late 20th century 
Memories   Monod, Isabelle   blown glass and porcelain  1988 
Amber Vase   Morris, William   blown glass  1984 
Polychrome Jar with Migration Patterns   Nampeyo, Fannie   ceramic  20th century 
Miniature Buff-colored Seed Jar with Corn Design in Relief   Nampeyo, Iris Youvella   earthenware  late 20th century 
Blackware Wedding Vase   Naranjo, Flora & Glenda   earthenware  ca. 1977 
Vase   Natzler, Otto & Gertrud   earthenware with yellow crater glaze  20th century 
Polychrome Whiteware Jar   Navasie, Joy   earthenware  mid 20th century - late 20th century 
Cage Bowl   Nishi, Etsuko   cast pate de verre  1990 
Untitled   Noda, Osamu   sandcast glass  1983 
Vase   Pewabic Pottery   ceramic  ca. 1907 
Untitled sculpture   Pliva, Oldrich   cast glass  20th century 
Miniature Sgraffito Redware Turtle   Polacca Nampeyo, Thomas   ceramic with turquoise  1975 
Black on Redware Jar   Poleahla, Kathleen   ceramic  late 20th century 
Buff-colored Jar with Corn Design in Relief   Qöyawayma, Polingaysi   earthenware  20th century 
Glass Lamp with Seahorses   Quezal Art Glass and Decorating Company   cobalt blue irridescent glass, bronze, and alexandrite  between 1901 - 1924 
Vase   Rookwood Pottery   ceramic  1905 
Vase   Rookwood Pottery   ceramic  1903 
Yellow Matte Vase   Rookwood Pottery   ceramic  1925 
Vase   Rookwood Pottery   ceramic  1930 
Raven Book End   Rookwood Pottery   ceramic  1922 
Creamware Jardiniere   Roseville Pottery   ceramic  1913 
Rozane Fujiyama Vase   Roseville Pottery   ceramic  1905 
Snake Oil   Ruffner, Ginny   lampworked glass with applied paint  1988 
Miniature Polychrome Bowl   Saiz, Julia   earthenware  mid 20th century - late 20th century 
Miniature Black-on-white Fineline Jar   Salvador, Lilly   earthenware  late 20th century 
Jar with Cover   Secrest, Philip J.   stoneware  20th century 
Jar   Shaner, David   stoneware  1957 
Indian Pipes Vase   Stankard, Paul   lampworked glass encased in crystal  1987 
Verre De Soie Epergne   Steuben Glass, Inc.   glass and silver  20th century 
Aurene Footed Vase   Steuben Glass, Inc.   blown iridescent glass  1900 - 1925 
Vessel   Tagliapietra, Lino   blown glass  1983 
Bronze Harp Table Lamp with Favrile Glass Shade   Tiffany Studios   bronze and favrile glass  ca. 1900 
Favrile Flower Holder   Tiffany, Louis Comfort   iridescent glass  20th century 
Favrile Fluted Vase   Tiffany, Louis Comfort   iridescent glass  20th century 
Favrile Vase   Tiffany, Louis Comfort   blown iridescent glass  ca. 1900 - 1919 
Compote   Tiffany, Louis Comfort   blown glass  20th century 
Miniature Turtle   Trujillo, Mary   ceramic  ca. 1983 
Dish with Cover   Tuska, John Regis   stoneware  20th century 
Vase   Van Briggle Pottery   ceramic  1922 - 1926 
Vase   Van Briggle Pottery   ceramic  ca. 1935 
Polychrome Seed Jar with Deer and Feather Motif   Vigil, Minnie   ceramic  mid 20th century - late 20th century 
Pitcher   Wheatley Pottery   ceramic  ca. 1905 
Miniature Polychrome Jar   Wildflower, Niadi   earthenware  mid 20th century - late 20th century 
Jar   Young Suk Kim   stoneware  20th century 
Soltano (Solo)   Zynsky, Toots   glass thread (filet de verre)  2013