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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
#12 Casket, Spring Blossoms   Fujita, Kyohei   mold-blown glass  1985 
Adumbration Series 1993-92N   Huchthausen, David   cut and polished laminated glass  1993 
Amber Vase   Morris, William   blown glass  1984 
Basket   Philabaum, Thomas A.   colorless glass canes with imprinted decoration  1986 
Basket   Singletary, Preston   blown and sand-carved glass  2013 
Black and White Bowl   Wallstab, Kurt   blown lampworked glass  1982 
Black Tear   Svensson, David   blown glass, lacquer  original 2005 (this piece created 2008) 
Bottle Vase   Dreisbach, Fritz   blown glass  1968 
Bottle with Stopper   Iwata, Toshichi   blown glass  1980 
Bowl   Woodman, Rachael   blown glass  second half 20th century 
Cage Bowl   Nishi, Etsuko   cast pate de verre  1990 
California Loop Series #31   Lipofsky, Marvin   blown glass with flotation foam and epoxy  1970 
Cedar Grove   Kuhn, Jon   cut, fused, polished, and assembled glass  1992 
Cleopatra   Hora, Petr   kiln-cast and polished glass  1999 
Compression Series   Carlson, William   cast and laminated glass  20th century 
Damaged Bone Series   Aschenbrenner, Michael   glass, wood, wire, paint, wax, fabric  1983 
Dipper   Brejcha, Vernon Lee   blown glass  1993 
Durand Glass Vase   Durand, Victor   cased glass  early 20th century 
Fiddlehead   Rhoads, Kait   blown, fused, and engraved incalmo and murrine glass  2009 
Flat Vase   Dreisbach, Fritz   glass  1967 
Forbidden Fruit   Pennell, Ronald   blown glass with engraving  20th century 
Ghost Faced Ladle   Singletary, Preston   blown and sand-carved glass  2014 
Glass Bottle   Brejcha, Vernon Lee   iridescent glass  20th century 
Goblet   Minson, James   blown lampworked glass  1996 
Goblets   Mace, Flora   blown glass  after 1976 
Golden Hen   Srámková, Ivana   kiln-cast glass  2002 
Guardiano Nero a Seguardi Notturni   Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg   blown and cold-worked glass on steel stand  ca. 2000 
High Kick Dancer   Bennett, David   blown glass in a bronze cage  2005 
Indian Pipes Vase   Stankard, Paul   lampworked glass encased in crystal  1987 
Landscape Vase   Myers, Joel Philip   blown and cased glass  ca. 1990 
Lariat Goblet   Dreisbach, Fritz   blown glass  1985 
Leerdam Colour Series LT11   Lipofsky, Marvin   blown glass and plaster of Paris  1970 
Memories   Monod, Isabelle   blown glass and porcelain  1988 
Memphis Goblet   Lino Tagliapietra & Thomas S. Buechner III   blown glass  1988 
Mountain Range   Bouchet O'Neill, Armelle   blown and sand-carved glass  2013 
Nestle   Douglas, Mel   blown and engraved glass  before 2014 
Normandy Blue Persian Set with Rouge Lips   Chihuly, Dale   blown glass  before 2014 
One of Pair of Candlesticks   Venini, Paolo   glass  first half 20th century 
One of Pair of Candlesticks   Venini, Paolo   glass  first half 20th century 
Orange / Green / Iridescent   Blomdahl, Sonja   blown glass  1999 
Pit (working title)   Mareš, Ivan   Mold-melted glass, metal, and wood  2005 
Pragnanz Series   Carlson, William   laminated optical glass, granite  1988 
Red   Labino, Dominick   blown glass  1978 
Ribbed Bowl   Šuhájek, Jiří   glass  20th century 
Ribbon Glass Vase   Carpenter, James   blown and marvered glass  1983 
Sake Cup   Fujita, Kyohei   blown glass  1985 
Sculpture   Palecek, Ladislav   glass  second half 20th century 
Sculpture   Monod, Claude   high density blown glass with colored inclusions  late 20th century 
Sketch   Lipofsky, Marvin   blown glass  1975 
Small Aurene Goblet   Steuben Glass, Inc.   iridescent glass  1957 
Snake Oil   Ruffner, Ginny   lampworked glass with applied paint  1988 
Soltano (Solo)   Zynsky, Toots   glass thread (filet de verre)  2013 
Stairs   Vallien, Bertil   cast and blown glass  1984 
Suspended Artifacts   Morris, William   blown glass with metal base  1992 
Tabac-Brown   Dale Chihuly & Flora Mace   blown glass  1980 
Teapot   Nelson, Paul J.   blown glass  2007 
Tel El Amarna Favrile Glass Vase   Tiffany, Louis Comfort   favrile glass  1934 
The Rock   Walentynowicz, Janusz   cast glass  1984 
Traditional Ceremonial Vessel   LeQuier, K. William   blown glass and copper wire  1986 
Untitled   Weinberg, Steven   cast, cut, and pate de verre glass  1984 
Untitled   Littleton, Harvey K.   cased glass  1981 
Untitled   Wolff, Ann   blown glass  1984 
Untitled   Vistosi, Luciano   cast and cut glass  1985 
Untitled   Carlson, William   blown iridescent glass  1978 
Untitled   Carlson, William   blown iridescent glass  1976 
Untitled   Groot, Mieke   blown glass  1987 
Untitled   Noda, Osamu   sandcast glass  1983 
Untitled   Smith, Drew   hot worked glass  1982 
Untitled   Langley, Warren   kiln worked glass  1987 
Untitled   Santillana, Laura de   blown glass  2001 
Untitled sculpture   Pliva, Oldrich   cast glass  20th century 
Untitled Vase   Ritter, Richard   glass  20th century 
Vase   Smith, Thomas Becket   glass  1979 
Vase "#2 Carryyy"   Myers, Joel Philip   copper blue glass marvered in chromite and cadmuim sulfide  1964 
Vase "Cooperrr"   Myers, Joel Philip   crystal glass marvered in low fire black glaze  1964 
Vessel   Tagliapietra, Lino   blown glass  1983 
Wender   Rhoads, Kait   blown and fused filigrana and murrine glass  2013 
Winter Dance (Baile de Invierno)   Chardiet, José   Blown, cut, cast, and sandblasted glass  2000 
Wizard Teapot   Marquis, Richard   blown glass with millefiori decoration  1985 
Wolf Grease Dish   Singletary, Preston   blown and sand-carved glass  2013 
Zanfirico Pear   Flora Mace & Joey Kirkpatrick   blown glass  1997