Portfolio: CAPS - Contemporary American Painting & Sculpture

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Spirit Line   Wiley, William T.   acrylic and watercolor on canvas  1973 
Phenomena Point Swing and Flank   Jenkins, Paul   acrylic on canvas  1964 
Red/Black   Hinman, Charles B.   acrylic on shaped canvas  1964 
Typical Saigon   Saul, Peter   acrylic, oil, and enamel on canvas  1968 
Square Plus 200   Finkelstein, Max   aluminum  1966 
Bogart   Stephenson, John W.   aluminum and acrylic lacquer  1968 
A 2 5 8   LeWitt, Sol   baked enamel on steel  1968 
Sunaegis   Rosenthal, Tony   brass  1960 
Head of my Father   Albright, Ivan   bronze  1953 
Head of Wynne Godley   Epstein, Jacob   bronze  1956 
Armored Figure No. 1   Farr, Fred   bronze  1957 
Issac   Baskin, Leonard   bronze  1958 
Untitled   Schmidt, Julius   bronze  1960 
Dying Steer   Lebrun, Rico   casein and oil glazes mounted on plywood  1958 
Cloistered Island   Schwartz, Lester O.   casein on cloth board  1947 
Steps to the Lighthouse   Johnston, Ynez   casein on watercolor paper  1952 
Genesis II   Adler, Samuel Marcus   collage and oil on canvas  1964 
Assisi # 1   Congdon, William   enamel on plywood  1950 - 1951 
Joseph and the Ishmaelites I   Aronson, David   encaustic on canvas mounted on panel  1954 
Dancer   Conway, Fred   encaustic on Masonite  ca. 1949 
Tempest   Kupferman, Lawrence E.   encaustic on Masonite  1952 
Love Object   Gallo, Frank   epoxy resin reinforced with fiber glass and wood  1966 
Lumia Interplay   Reiback, Earl   lenses, prisms, light  1968 
Seraph   Worth, Margarita   lignum vitae  1952 
Vinum 8   Levi, Josef   Liquitex, perforated metal and fluorescent light  1966 
Sundial for Racing   Scarpitta, Salvatore   mixed media on canvas reinforced with fiberglass and resin  1962 
East of Tonapah   Siegriest, Louis   mixed media on Masonite  1962 
Construction #216   Prestini, James   nickel plated steel  1971 
The Red Carpet   Rattner, Abraham   oil and newspaper on canvas  1964 
Lake   Kepes, György   oil and sand on canvas  1952 
Mahu   Beck, Leonard   oil and tempera on cardboard (upson board - beaver board)  1947 
The Porch   Guston, Philip   oil on canvas  1946 - 1947 
In A Garden of Ancient Loves   Breinin, Raymond   oil on canvas  1947 
Tidewater Shapes   Levi, Julian Edwin   oil on canvas  1947 
Fortune Tellers   Gordon, William J.   oil on canvas  ca. 1940 
The Promontory   De Martini, Joseph   oil on canvas  ca. 1948 
Clock and Bottle   Knaths, Karl   oil on canvas  1946 
Portrait of Rico Lebrun   Berman, Eugene   oil on canvas  1945 
Arrangement   Tomlin, Bradley Walker   oil on canvas  1945 
Separated   Bentley, Claude Ronald   oil on canvas  1948 
Driftwood, North Pacific   Nordfeldt, Bror Julius Olsson   oil on canvas  ca. 1949 
Chimneys and Buildings   Osver, Arthur   oil on canvas  1947 
The End of the Festival   Bosa, Louis   oil on canvas  ca. 1948 
Le Flambeau   Holty, Carl Robert   oil on canvas  1947 
Mocking Soldier   Lebrun, Rico   oil on canvas  1948 
Suffering Softens Stones (Le Malheur Adoucit les Pierres)   Tanguy, Yves   oil on canvas  1948 
Southern Community   Gwathmey, Robert   oil on canvas  1950 
Entrance   Toney, Anthony   oil on canvas  1949 
The Monarch   Ruvolo, Felix   oil on canvas  1948 
Beaulieu   Beckmann, Max   oil on canvas  1947 
New York from Hoboken   Franck, Frederick   oil on canvas  1948 - 1949 
Machine Five   Sterne, Hedda   oil on canvas  1950 
Figure and Mask   Rattner, Abraham   oil on canvas  1948 
The Market   Prestopino, Gregorio   oil on canvas  ca. 1951 
High Priest   Seligmann, Kurt   oil on canvas  1950 
Summer Night   Browne, Byron   oil on canvas  1949 
L'horreur du mal, L'ultime, L'ennemi interieur, La memoria cosmica   Matta, Roberto   oil on canvas  ca. 1951 
Beyond White   Xceron, Jean   oil on canvas  1950 
Moon Animal   Baziotes, William   oil on canvas  1950 
Romanesque Facade   Gottlieb, Adolph   oil on canvas  1949 
Aspects of the Harbor   Manso, Leo   oil on canvas  1949 
Hipparchus   Gray, Cleve   oil on canvas  1950 
Mauve Still Life   Adler, Samuel Marcus   oil on canvas  1952 
Personages Contemplating Birds   Tamayo, Rufino   oil on canvas  1950 
Night Music   Ratkai, George   oil on canvas  ca. 1955 
San Francisco Bay   Du Casse, Ralph   oil on canvas  1953 
External Dictation   Edmondson, Leonard   oil on canvas  1953 
Ile de la Cite   Kuntz, Roger Edward   oil on canvas  1953 
Jeune Fille en Fleur   Friedensohn, Elias   oil on canvas  ca. 1956 
Arctic Cabin   Hultberg, John   oil on canvas  1955 
Sea Wall   Morris, Carl   oil on canvas  1956 
Summer, 1954   Kahn, Wolf   oil on canvas  1954 
On the Porch   Vasilieff, Nicholas   oil on canvas  1955 
Ridge and Forecast   Tam, Reuben   oil on canvas  1958 
Darkly, Soft Darts   Okamura, Arthur   oil on canvas  1958 
White Painting No. 2   Calcagno, Lawrence   oil on canvas  1958 
Standing Couple   Park, David   oil on canvas  1958 
Cathedra in the Woods   Lam, Jennett   oil on canvas  1960 
Paris Roofs   MacIver, Loren   oil on canvas  1962 
General Studies   Davis, Stuart   oil on canvas  1962 
No. 5   Morris, Kyle   oil on canvas  1962 
Imago in Reds   Loran, Erle   oil on canvas  1963 
Ealand   Brooks, James   oil on canvas  1963 
Heads, Bird   Raffael, Joseph   oil on canvas  1966 
Louisiana: The Confederacy   Indiana, Robert   oil on canvas  1966 
To Skagway   Tam, Reuben   oil on canvas  1967 
Guardian   Graves, Morris   oil on canvas mounted on Masonite  1952 
Old Bickel Quarry   Seibert, Garfield   oil on canvas on board  1954 
Fragments from Yesterday   Ellis, Dean   oil on Masonite  1949 
Faraway   Rain, Charles Whedon   oil on Masonite  1949