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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Forgotten Things   Albee, Grace Arnold   wood engraving  1943 
Amaryllis   Albee, Grace Arnold   wood engraving  20th century 
Japanese Tree Peony   Davis, Natalie H.   wood relief on paper  20th century 
Untitled   Kim, Mikyung   wood, thread, graphite and oil on paper  1996 
The Blue Jug   Lazzell, Blanche   woodblock print  1939 
Industry   Skinner, Clara   woodcut  ca. 1935 
Countryside   Abelman, Ida   woodcut  1939 
Countryside   Abelman, Ida   woodcut  1939 
Weekend   Chaney, Ruth   woodcut  ca. 1943 
Downtown   Chaney, Ruth   woodcut  ca. 1935-1940 
Mexican Fruit   Chaney, Ruth   woodcut  1939 
Tall Grass   Hoff, Margo   woodcut  20th century 
Untitled   Jachna, Virginia   woodcut  1963 
Night Rise   Chaney, Ruth   woodcut on paper  1939 
The Blue Violin   Rothenberg, Susan   woodcut on paper  1986 
no title   Pozzi, Lucio   xerox of marker on paper  2001 
no title   Cronin, Patricia   xerox on paper  20th century 
no title   Stokker, Lily van der   xerox on paper  1991