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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Female Figure     bronze   
Model of Funeral Cortege     silvered copper, cotton, reeds, feathers  1000 - 1470 CE 
Stag     cast bronze  1000 BCE 
Guandi (God of War)     bronze  1368 - 1644 
Statue of Man and Two Children     bronze  1368 - 1644 
Head of Buddha     bronze  14th century - early 15th century 
Pan of Rohallion   MacMonnies, Frederick William   bronze  1890 (modeled) 
Divination Bowl (Agere ifa)     brass or bronze and iron  18th century - 19th century 
The Solitude of the Soul   Taft, Lorado Zadok   bronze  1901; cast 1994 
Study for Penelope   Bourdelle, Emile-Antoine   bronze  1905 
The Blind   Taft, Lorado Zadok   bronze  1908; cast 1988 
Harry Harkness Stoek (1866 - 1923)   Taft, Lorado Zadok   bronze plaque  1925 
Lifting Bags   Gilbertson, Boris   brass repousse  1934 
Depression Woman   Bourgeois, Louise   bronze, painted white  1949 - 1950 
The Migrant   Roszak, Theodore   steel brazed with copper  1950 
Head of my Father   Albright, Ivan   bronze  1953 
Head of Wynne Godley   Epstein, Jacob   bronze  1956 
Armored Figure No. 1   Farr, Fred   bronze  1957 
Issac   Baskin, Leonard   bronze  1958 
Untitled   Schmidt, Julius   bronze  1960 
Sunaegis   Rosenthal, Tony   brass  1960 
Initiation   Mirko   cast, welded, and chased bronze  1961 
Jericho   Weiss, Harvey   brass  1962 
#12   Goto, Joseph   welded steel  1962 
Plurabella   Gentle, Esther   bronze  1965 
Square Plus 200   Finkelstein, Max   aluminum  1966 
A 2 5 8   LeWitt, Sol   baked enamel on steel  1968 
Bogart   Stephenson, John W.   aluminum and acrylic lacquer  1968 
Untitled   Zúñiga, Francisco   bronze  1970 
Construction #216   Prestini, James   nickel plated steel  1971 
Terpsichore   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1971 
Nude Ascending the Staircase - Homage to Marcel Duchamp   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1973 
Christ of Saint John of the Cross   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1974 
Greatness of Islam   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1974 
Saint Narcissus of the Flies   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1974 
Hybrid Figure   Hunt, Richard Howard   welded cor-ten steel  1975 
Apollo Musagetes   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1976 
Perseus - Homage to Benvenuto Cellini   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1976 
P   Benton, Fletcher   stainless steel  1979 
Untitled   Arneson, Robert Carston   bronze and terracotta  1984 
Falco   Lanyon, Ellen   cast bronze  1985 
Feet   Otterness, Tom   bronze  1994 
Cat with Woman   Otterness, Tom   bronze  1994 
Cops Cleaning Up   Otterness, Tom   bronze  1994 
Radical Rich   Otterness, Tom   bronze  1994 
China Moon II   Benton, Fletcher   steel  1998 
Beethoven, Study for Monument   Bourdelle, Emile-Antoine   bronze  19th century 
Spring It with Broken Cylinder   Benton, Fletcher   steel with patina  2012 
Woman Fighting the Wind   Beck, Andras   bronze on stone base  20th century 
Tell   Blakley, Roger F.   bronze on laminated pedestal  20th century 
Untitled (French Horns Table)   Arman   bronze  20th century 
Stag     cast bronze  7th century BCE 
The Mistress of the Animals     cast bronze  850 BCE - 650 BCE 
Gorilla Carrying Off a Stone Age Woman   Frémiet, Emmanuel   bronze (reduced replica)  after 1888 
Descending Night   Weinman, Adolph Alexander   bronze  ca. 1915 
Rising Sun   Weinman, Adolph Alexander   bronze  ca. 1915 
Monkeys   Gilbertson, Boris   brass repousse  ca. 1934 
Maquette for Initiation   Mirko   metal  ca. 1961 
Dragon Swan Elephant   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  ca. 1969 
Carmen Castanets   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  ca. 1970 
Gala Gradiva   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  ca. 1970 
Winged Triton   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  ca. 1972 
Don Quixote   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  ca. 1972 
Rolling Disc   Benton, Fletcher   polished steel, colored Lucite  ca. 1975 
Untitled   Henry, John   steel painted in Honda yellow  ca. 1980 
Alice   Huntington, Anna Hyatt   bronze  first half 20th century 
Spiral Currency Piece     brass  possibly 14th century - 15th century