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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Ibeji Figure   Master of the Archaic Smile   wood  early 20th century 
China Moon II   Benton, Fletcher   steel  1998 
The Newman Memorial Chalice   Bean, Bennett   earthenware, acrylic, gold leaf  1993 - 2000 
Bottle with Stopper   Iwata, Toshichi   blown glass  1980 
Spirit Spouse Figure (Blolo Bian)     wood  early 20th century - mid 20th century 
Commemorative Head     terracotta  ca. 19th century 
Shrine Figure of Dog     wood  late 19th century - early 20th century 
Shango Devotee Maternity Figure with Bowl     wood and pigment  late 19th century 
Ibeji Figure     wood and beads  early 20th century 
Storehouse Figure (tadep)     wood and chalky paint  20th century 
Royal Mother with Child     wood   
Kneeling Female Figure with Bowl (olumeye)     wood with indigo and pigment  20th century 
Portrait of Mlle. Coco Chanel   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1921 
Figure with Guitar: Maquette No. 2   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1923 
Woman Leaning on a Column: Maquette No. 2,   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1929 
Head: Maquette No. 2   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1932 
Rescue of the Child: Maquette No. 1   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1933 
Presidential Scholar Medal (Lyndon Baines Johnson), recto   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1964 
Presidential Scholar Medal (Lyndon Baines Johnson), verso   Lipchitz, Jacques   plaster  1964 
Untitled   Noda, Osamu   sandcast glass  1983 
Chalkware Rabbit     molded plaster cast with paint  19th century 
Depression Woman   Bourgeois, Louise   bronze, painted white  1949 - 1950 
Equestrian Figure     wood   
Head     terracotta  ca. 500 BCE - 300 CE 
Female Figure     bronze   
Seated Female Figure     wood  mid 20th century 
Jazz Series #54: Big Boy   Stringfellow, Allen T.   papier mâché and pigment  1989 
Jazz Series #60: Miz Blues   Stringfellow, Allen T.   papier mâché and pigment  1989 
Doll     wood and beads  20th century 
Untitled   Smith, Drew   hot worked glass  1982 
Nude Ascending the Staircase - Homage to Marcel Duchamp   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1973 
Perseus - Homage to Benvenuto Cellini   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1976 
Male Divination Figure     wood with kaolin   
Pragnanz Series   Carlson, William   laminated optical glass, granite  1988 
Guard Ball   Scher, Julia   electronic components in plastic bubble  2005 
Cedar Grove   Kuhn, Jon   cut, fused, polished, and assembled glass  1992 
Power Figure (Nkisi)     wood, lizard, bushbuck horn, and medicinal substances  early 20th century 
Untitled Project: S,M,L,XL   Bakker, Conrad   oil on carved wood  2006 
Knoll Table   Bakker, Conrad   oil on carved wood  2006 
Cardboard Sculpture   Tasset, Tony   corrugated cardboard  1992 
Three to One Twist   Maestre, Jennifer   pencil stubs  2000 
Black Tear   Svensson, David   blown glass, lacquer  original 2005 (this piece created 2008) 
Asuka 04   Ibe, Kyoko   acrylic laminated washi paper  2004 
Untitled   Henry, John   steel painted in Honda yellow  ca. 1980 
Adumbration Series 1993-92N   Huchthausen, David   cut and polished laminated glass  1993 
Body Fluid   Lemieux, Annette   Rubber fisherman chest waders, shredded foam rubber, ceramic bowl (and water)  1991 
Untitled (French Horns Table)   Arman   bronze  20th century 
Catholic Nun Figure   Otooro   wood and pigment  late 1950s 
Guardiano Nero a Seguardi Notturni   Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg   blown and cold-worked glass on steel stand  ca. 2000 
High Kick Dancer   Bennett, David   blown glass in a bronze cage  2005 
Untitled   Santillana, Laura de   blown glass  2001 
Teapot   Nelson, Paul J.   blown glass  2007 
Golden Hen   Srámková, Ivana   kiln-cast glass  2002 
Work Animal 2   Cole, Willie   bicyle parts  2014 
The Earth Shall Stagger LIke A Drunkard   Finster, Howard   wood, marker, paint, and paper  1994 
Spring It with Broken Cylinder   Benton, Fletcher   steel with patina  2012 
Maquette for Initiation   Mirko   metal  ca. 1961 
Dead Objects   Pokorny, Melissa   MDF, acrylic mirror, polyurethane foam, silicone, found objects  2005 
Zanfirico Pear   Flora Mace & Joey Kirkpatrick   blown glass  1997 
Left Behind   Pokorny, Melissa   inkjet prints, polystyrene, aluminum, resin wall sconces, micro-fleece, fake butterflies, ceramic butterflies, hatpin  2008 
Untitled   Young, Purvis   canvas, paint, carpet, cardboard  late 20th century - early 21st century 
Untitled   Young, Purvis   canvas, paint, carpet, duct tape  late 20th century - early 21st century 
Still Life with Plate and Fish   Shaw, Richard   porcelain with decal over glaze  1987 
Here's Looking at You, Kid   Woell, J. Fred   epoxy  1966 
P   Benton, Fletcher   stainless steel  1979 
Plurabella   Gentle, Esther   bronze  1965 
Naiad   Borgatta, Isabel Case   red slate  20th century 
Wallyard #5   Ferrara, Jackie   birch and poplar plywood  1981 
Angel Vase   Saint-Phalle, Niki de   cast and painted polyester  1993 
Tertiumquid   Dubin, William   exotic hardwoods  1966 
Woman Fighting the Wind   Beck, Andras   bronze on stone base  20th century 
Small Calaveras     papier mache, sequins, glitter, paint  about 20th century 
Abraham Lincoln   Taft, Lorado Zadok   plaster with paint  19th century 
Gorilla Carrying Off a Stone Age Woman   Frémiet, Emmanuel   bronze (reduced replica)  after 1888 
Spiral Currency Piece     brass  possibly 14th century - 15th century 
Don Quixote   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  ca. 1972 
Terpsichore   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1971 
Dragon Swan Elephant   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  ca. 1969 
Greatness of Islam   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1974 
Carmen Castanets   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  ca. 1970 
Saint Narcissus of the Flies   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1974 
Gala Gradiva   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  ca. 1970 
Winged Triton   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  ca. 1972 
Apollo Musagetes   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1976 
Christ of Saint John of the Cross   Dalí, Salvador   bronze  1974 
Sarcophagus   Bauer, Fred   stoneware, ash glaze, luster  1968 
Tiger Miniature     wood   
Silver Calavera     painted plaster   
Silver Calavera     painted plaster   
Silver Calavera     painted plaster