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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Headband     cotton, shell, stone  1000 - 1470 CE 
Bracelet     nut hull, cotton cord, bone, and seashell  1000 - 1470 CE 
Khipu     wood, cotton, alpaca  1470 - 1532 CE 
Braided Rope Whip     bast fiber, alpaca wool, silver, copper  1500 - 1700 CE 
Small Study for Automat   Chryssa   neon and Plexiglas  1970 
Body Fluid   Lemieux, Annette   Rubber fisherman chest waders, shredded foam rubber, ceramic bowl (and water)  1991 
Silenced #1   Assu, Sonny   acrylic on hide drums  2009 
Work Animal 2   Cole, Willie   bicyle parts  2014 
Necklace     llama wool and spondylus shell  450 - 650 CE 
Bracelet     seashell and cotton cord  700 - 1470 CE 
The Veil of St. Veronica   Zeynsler, Michael   lindenwood with traces of polychromy  ca. 1520 
Ibeji Figure     wood, nails, cowrie shells, and camwood powder  early 20th century 
Face Mask (Ninea-Gla)     wood, metal, and chalk  early 20th century 
Power Figure (Nkisi)     wood, lizard, bushbuck horn, and medicinal substances  early 20th century 
Crest Mask (Chi Wara)     wood, raffia, and brass  early 20th century - mid 20th century 
Miniature Initiation Mask     wood, pigment, and raffia  late 19th century - early 20th century 
Sculptural Element From a Reliquary Ensemble (Mbulu Ngulu)     wood, brass, iron, and copper  late 19th century - early 20th century 
Helmet Mask (epa)     wood, iron, fiber, and sacrificial substances  mid 19th century - late 19th century 
Dance wand (Eshu)     wood, hide, cowrie shells, fiber, medicinal bundles, indigo  mid 20th century 
Hornbill Mask (Gegon) with Islamic Inscriptions     wood, raffia, and ink  mid 20th century