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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Virgin Mary at Prayer   Valencian Master   oil tempera on wood  1450 - 1500 
Portrait of a Man with a Pink   Unknown Artist   oil or tempera on cradled oak panel  1534 
The Virgin and Child with Saints Augustine and Francis   Neroccio di Bartolommeo de' Landi   tempera on panel  15th century 
Jacob and Rachel at the Well   Bourdon, Sébastien   oil on canvas  1650 - 1660 
Courtyard Scene with Pregnant Woman   Burch, Hendrick van der   oil on oak panel  1655 - 1665 
The Barber   Teniers, David   oil on panel  1671 
St. Maximus and St. Oswald   Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista   oil on canvas  1740 - 1745 
The Grape Harvest or The Luncheon (La Vendange ou Le Déjeuner)   Boucher, François   oil on canvas  1748 
Achilles Displaying the Body of Hector at the Feet of Patroclus   Taillasson, Jean Joseph   oil on canvas  1769 
Nathan Hyde, Squire of Hyde   Copley, John Singleton   oil on canvas  1777 
Jane Maxwell, Duchess of Gordon and Her Son, George Duncan, Marquess of Huntly   Romney, George   oil on canvas  1778 
The Artist with a Fortune Teller in a Landscape   Teniers, David   oil on canvas  17th century 
The Choice Between Young and Old   Cornelisz. van Haarlem, Cornelis   oil on canvas  17th century 
The Coin Collector   Craesbeeck, Joos van   oil on oak panel  17th century 
Four Dogs and a Goose in a Castle Park   Beeldemaker, Adriaen Cornelisz   oil on linen  17th century 
Portrait of Eleanor Anne Porden (1795–1825)   Flaxman, Mary Ann   oil on canvas  1810s 
Portrait of Madame Jacques Ignace Hittorf as Juno   Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique   oil on canvas  1864 
Cernay la Ville -- French Farm   Homer, Winslow   oil on panel  1867 
Moonlight on the Brook   Blakelock, Ralph Albert   oil on canvas on panel  1868 
Antiquities from the Naples Museum   Barbera, Carlo la   oil on canvas  1868 
Landscape   Diaz de la Peña, Narcisse Virgile   oil on panel  1871 
On the Marne   Daubigny, Charles François   oil on cradled mahogany panel  1871 
Landscape - Montvilliers   Martin, Homer Dodge   oil on thin-lined canvas  1885 
Lady in the Park   Hassam, Childe   oil on canvas  1890 
The Approaching Storm   Inness, George   oil on canvas  1893 
Statue d’Henri IV, matin, soleil d’hiver   Pissarro, Camille   oil on canvas  1900 
Landscape   Murphy, John Francis   oil on canvas  1906 
The Blue Gable   Münter, Gabriele   oil on canvas  1911 
Girl with Earrings   Frieseke, Frederick Carl   oil on canvas  1917 
Catatonk Pond   Butler, James P.   oil on canvas  1917 
Wall Street, New York (Winter, New York)   Wiggins, Guy Carelton   oil on canvas  1930 
Man and Machines (Abstraction #5)   Kelpe, Paul   oil on canvas  1934 
The Power Plant   Schwartz, William S.   oil on canvas  1936 
Stucco House   Remahl, Frederick   oil on canvas  1936 
Fishing Port   Hiler, Hilaire   oil on Masonite  1936 
Lilies   Cervántez, Pedro López   oil on Masonite  1937 
Arrangement   Tomlin, Bradley Walker   oil on canvas  1945 
Chimneys and Buildings   Osver, Arthur   oil on canvas  1947 
Beaulieu   Beckmann, Max   oil on canvas  1947 
No. 13   Rothko, Mark   oil on canvas  1949 
Southern Community   Gwathmey, Robert   oil on canvas  1950 
Second Allegory   Shahn, Ben   tempera on Masonite  1953 
Rock Image   La More, Chet   acrylic on canvas  1953 
N.Y. 1 [Road #4]   Sterne, Hedda   acrylic spray paint on canvas  1956 
Study   West, Michael   oil on canvas  1957 
Delta   Sills, Thomas Albert   oil on canvas  1964 
Louisiana: The Confederacy   Indiana, Robert   oil on canvas  1966 
One Way to Quarter a Pear   Lanyon, Ellen   acrylic on canvas  1969 
Homage to Caspar David Fredrich   Klement, Vera   oil and encaustic on canvas  1979 
The Traitor Escapes   Ferrer, Rafael   acrylic paint on plywood with five hanging elements  1979 
Ball II   Hild, Nancy   acrylic on canvas  1986 - 1988 
Loss   WalkingStick, Kay   two panels: (L) acrylic and saponified wax on canvas; (R) oil on canvas  1989 
Sheep   Jacque, Charles Émile   oil on panel  19th century 
Cattle on the Meadowlands   Marcke de Lummen, Emile van   oil on canvas  19th century 
Horses and Plowman   Maris, Jacob Henricus   oil on canvas  19th century 
Kitchen Still Life   Ribot, Théodule   oil on canvas  19th century 
Landscape with Haystack   Cazin, Jean Charles   oil on canvas  19th century 
River Scene with Figures   Watts, Frederick W.   oil on canvas  19th century 
Number Seven: May I only know the joys given by the Sublime One...   Fall, Yelimane   acrylic on canvas  2003 - 2004 
Number Nine: Through love and the words 'There is no God but God,'...   Fall, Yelimane   acrylic on canvas  2003 - 2004 
Number Twenty-three: Through His Grace and consideration for my profession of faith...   Fall, Yelimane   acrylic on canvas  2003 - 2004 
Number Twenty-seven: May the Light of the Arabic Language and the Book...   Fall, Yelimane   acrylic on canvas  2003 - 2004 
Migrations II   Kosrof, Wosene   acrylic on linen  2006 
Saint Catherine of Alexandria   Ugolino di Nerio   tempera and gold on panel  ca. 1320 
The Virgin and Child with Saints Augustine, John the Baptist, Monica, and Nicholas of Tolentino   Master of the Saint Ursula Legend   oil on cradled panel  ca. 1480 
Portrait of a Girl   Holbein, Ambrosius   oil or tempera on fir panel  ca. 1518 
Portrait of an Unidentified Man   Moretto da Brescia   oil on canvas  ca. 1525 - 1550 
The Holy Family with the Infant St. John the Baptist   Allori, Alessandro   oil on wax lined canvas  ca. 1583 
Portrait of a Woman (Dame van Daems)   Hennekyn, Paulus   oil on canvas, lined  ca. 1642 
Boeier and other Ships Near Ransdorp   Diest, Jeronymus van   oil on canvas  ca. 1648 - 1677 
The Adoration of the Christ Child   Stella, Jacques   oil on canvas  ca. 1650 - 1660 
Cornelius Guldewagen, Mayor of Haarlem   Hals, Frans   oil on oak panel  ca. 1660 
Christ after the Flagellation   Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban   oil on canvas, lined  ca. 1670 
A Woman Feeding Her Child and Paying a Servant   Hooch, Pieter de   oil on canvas  ca. 1675 - 1680 
Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vase on a Stone Table Ledge   Ruysch, Anna   oil on canvas  ca. 1690s 
The Woman Taken in Adultery   Ricci, Sebastiano   oil on canvas  ca. 1724 - 1728 
St. George and the Dragon   Epirus   gold leaf and tempera on wood  ca. 1750 
Our Lady of the Remedies of La Paz   Cuzco School   oil on canvas  ca. 1750 
Portrait of the Honorable Anne (Batson) Fane   Gainsborough, Thomas   oil on canvas  ca. 1786 
The Pease Family Children     oil on canvas  ca. 1840 - 1850 
Haymaking in Brittany   Moret, Henry   oil on canvas  ca. 1888 
Winter Stream   Groom, Emily   oil on canvas  ca. 1919 - 1925 
Sunrise   Tryon, Dwight William   oil on panel  ca. 1920 - 1925 
The Mill Hands   Guglielmi, Osvaldo Louis   oil on canvas  ca. 1934 - 1943 
Beginnings of Desolation   Kaufer, Waldo Glover   oil on canvas  ca. 1934 - 1943 
Forms of Restraint and Moderation   Kaufer, Waldo Glover   oil on Masonite  ca. 1934 - 1943 
Railroad Yards at St. Paul   Klagstad, Arnold Ness   oil on canvas  ca. 1934 - 1943 
My Golden Yesterdays   Pushman, Hovsep   oil on panel  ca. 1940 
The End of the Festival   Bosa, Louis   oil on canvas  ca. 1948 
L'horreur du mal, L'ultime, L'ennemi interieur, La memoria cosmica   Matta, Roberto   oil on canvas  ca. 1951