Portfolio: Fantastic Beasts

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Lion     terracotta  8th century BCE 
Bowl     earthenware  1 - 450 CE 
Feathered Panel     feathers  1400 - 1570 CE 
Teapot in the Form of a Camel     saltglaze porcelain  ca. 1750 
Owl-shaped Ritual Container (Yu)     celadon green jade  18th century - 19th century 
Seal with Fu Lion     jade  19th century 
Monkey on Horse's Back     jade   
Belt Buckle with Dragon     light grey-green jade  late 19th century 
Crest Mask (Chi Wara)     wood, raffia, and brass  early 20th century - mid 20th century 
Elephant Cap Mask     cotton and glass beads  mid 20th century 
Weathervane with Figure of a Mermaid     painted sheet iron  ca. 1850 - 1875 
Double Chambered Vessel     earthenware with slip  600 - 1000 CE 
Vase     earthenware with slip  1000 - 1470 CE 
Statuette of Sitting Ganesa     bronze  17th century 
Fu Dog - One of a Pair     ivory  1735 - 1796 
Fu Dog - One of a Pair     ivory  1735 - 1796 
Illustration or Scene from the Mahabharata: Banasura and His Demon Army     gouache on paper  ca. 1780 
Vessel with Mythical Creature     earthenware  100 BCE - 800 CE 
Stirrup Stap Vessel     earthenware with slip  200 - 300 CE 
Huichol Yarn Weaving     yarn on plywood   
Shamanic Mask     wood with horns   
Multi-character Mask with Antlers     plaster   
Multi-character Mask     plaster   
Carnival Mask     papier mache   
Large Carnival Mask     papier mache