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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Lion     terracotta  8th century BCE 
Creeping Lion   Hare, David   lithograph on paper  1987 
Work Animal 2   Cole, Willie   bicyle parts  2014 
Allegory of Psychodemographics: Twenty-Four Brands My Family Uses in a Typical Summer Day, The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign   Hogin, Laurie   oil paint on panel  2006 
St. George and the Dragon   Epirus   gold leaf and tempera on wood  ca. 1750 
Bowl     earthenware  1 - 450 CE 
Redware Jar with Avanyu   Vigil, Albert & Josephine   earthenware  1980 
Elephants in Violets   Hare, David   lithograph on paper  1987 
Feathered Panel     feathers  1400 - 1570 CE 
Kaden with 60 Bears   Burford, Byron Leslie   lithograph  ca. 1978 
Taurus II   De Kooning, Elaine   lithograph  ca. 1973 
Teapot in the Form of a Camel     saltglaze porcelain  ca. 1750 
Untitled   De Forest, Roy   lithograph  ca. 1978 
Owl-shaped Ritual Container (Yu)     celadon green jade  18th century - 19th century 
Seal with Fu Lion     jade  19th century 
Monkey on Horse's Back     jade   
Belt Buckle with Dragon     light grey-green jade  late 19th century 
Crest Mask (Chi Wara)     wood, raffia, and brass  early 20th century - mid 20th century 
Elephant Cap Mask     cotton and glass beads  mid 20th century 
Snake Jug   Anna Pottery   stoneware covered with dark-brown slip and applied and incised decoration  ca. 1880 - 1890 
Never Inhale   Lanyon, Ellen   colored pencil on black paper  1990 
Sideboard 11   Hogin, Laurie   paint on canvas  1991 
Downhill Cow Creature   Jachna, Virginia   serigraph  1963 
Weathervane with Figure of a Mermaid     painted sheet iron  ca. 1850 - 1875 
St. George and the Dragon   Dalí, Salvador   etching  ca. 1946 
Blue-and-white Globular Dragon Vase (Tianqiuping)   Unknown Artist   porcelain with underglaze blue  ca. 1800 
Double Chambered Vessel     earthenware with slip  600 - 1000 CE 
Vase     earthenware with slip  1000 - 1470 CE 
Statuette of Sitting Ganesa     bronze  17th century 
Fu Dog - One of a Pair     ivory  1735 - 1796 
Fu Dog - One of a Pair     ivory  1735 - 1796 
Rozane Egypto Vase   Roseville Pottery   ceramic  1906 
The Getaway   Humphrey, Margo   lithograph  1977 
Illustration or Scene from the Mahabharata: Banasura and His Demon Army     gouache on paper  ca. 1780 
Vessel with Mythical Creature     earthenware  100 BCE - 800 CE 
Covered Vase "The Apotheosis of Homer" or "Pegasus Vase"   Wedgwood   stoneware, black jasperware  ca. 1786 - 1911 
Corinthian Oinochoe   Moore Painter   earthenware  ca. 580 BCE 
Stirrup Stap Vessel     earthenware with slip  200 - 300 CE 
no title   Fox, Jason   marker on paper  20th century 
Scene on a Plane   Hesthal, William Jurgen   lithograph  ca. 1934 - 1943 
Huichol Yarn Weaving     yarn on plywood   
Shamanic Mask     wood with horns   
Multi-character Mask with Antlers     plaster   
Multi-character Mask     plaster   
Carnival Mask     papier mache   
Large Carnival Mask     papier mache   
Zebra   Dean, Juliette   pencil on paper  first half 20th century 
Blue Tiger   Sewards, Michele Bourque   lithograph on paper  ca. 1979 
Four of Quadrupeds   Pervukhin, Eric   intaglio print on paper  second half 20th century