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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Untitled   Kim, Mikyung   wood, thread, graphite and oil on paper  1996 
Untitled   Yoshida, Hodaka   woodcut on paper  1959 
Untitled (C-146)   Tadasky   oil on canvas  1965 
Untitled (Pavilion Looking Over a River)   Yuan, Jiang   ink and color on silk  1730 
Untitled [truck]   Nakahashi, Kenji   chromogeneic print on paper  ca. 1980 - 1990 
Utsusemi from "The Tale of Genji"   Iwasa, Matabei   color and gold on paper mounted on wooden panels with lacquer  1650 - 1670 
Vase   Choy, Katherine   stoneware  20th century 
Venus   Saito, Kiyoshi   ink on paper  1979 
View of Satta Pass on the Tōkaidō Road (Tōkaidō Satta tōge no kei)   Utagawa, Sadahide   color woodcut  1862 
Visiting a Friend   Fan, Qi   ink and color on gold-dusted paper fan  17th century 
Water (sui): A Drifting Boat (ukifune), detail (left sheet of the triptych)   Utagawa, Kuniyoshi   color woodcut on paper  1852 
Weathervane Crane   Minami, Keiko   poster  1960 
White Signal   Miyasaki, George   lithograph on paper  1987 
Wild Orchids   Chiang Kai-Shek, Madame   painting on silk  20th century 
Woman   Yoshitaka, Nakao   color woodcut on paper  1957 
Woman Finishing Her Bath (left sheet of the triptych)   Utagawa, Kunisada   color woodcut  1847 
Woman on a Veranda and Kneeling Attendent (left sheet of the triptych)   Utagawa, Kunisada   color woodcut on paper  1854 
Woman Want Hold Moon   Tamagami Tsuneo   woodcut on paper  20th century 
Yoshiwara, No. 15   Andō, Hiroshige   color woodcut on paper  1840 - 1842 
Young Woman Holding Doll   Kikugawa, Eizan   color woodcut  ca. 1820 
Yu chich shih liu lo han tsan (Imperially Compiled Eulogy to the Sixteen Lohans) book and cover   Zhang, Zhao   brush and ink, blue and gold  ca. 1740 
Za Zen (The Meditation)   Kanemitsu, Matsumi   five-color lithograph  1975 
Zhao Yun (orphan), born 2004, Congenital Malformation, Beijing, April 2011   Zhang Lijie   digital chromogenic print  early 21st century 
Zôjô-ji Temple in Shiba (Shiba Zôjô-ji no zu)   Andō, Hiroshige   woodblock print on paper  ca. 1845