Portfolio: Encounters: The Arts of Africa [Exhibition Ongoing]

Installed in 2012, Encounters was the first of KAM’s permanent collection galleries to be fully renovated and reconceived to reflect the museum’s commitment to exploring the global connections and epistemological frames through which objects move and come to be known in the world. Curator: Allyson Purpura.

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faience (glaze sintered-quartz)

Cap Mask (Mbuya)

wood and pigment

Cap Mask (Pumbu)

wood, pigment, cloth, and fiber

Ibeji Figure

wood, nails, cowrie shells, and camwood powder

Dance wand (Eshu)

wood, hide, cowrie shells, fiber, medicinal bundles, indigo

Crest Mask (Chi Wara)

wood, raffia, and brass

Records 1 to 12 of 62