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Face Mask

straw and grass

Face Mask

wood with kaolin

Face Mask

wood, raffia, and pigment

Divination Bowl (Agere ifa)

wood with polychrome

Helmet Mask (mboom), incorrectly reworked for resale on market

wood with monkey fur, metal, beads, cowrie shells, and seeds

Initiation Mask (nkanda)

wood, pigment, basketry, and bamboo

Hand Held Hoe

wood and metal

Hunter's Decoy in Shape of a Bird

wood, antelope skin, and bird head

Female Figure

wood with kaolin and beads

Standing Female Figure (nyeleni)

wood, metal tacks, and cloth

Face Mask

wood with kaolin and string

Cap Mask in Shape of a Human Head

wood, antelope skin, kaolin, and basketry

Elephant Mask (tso)

cloth, raffia, and beads

Female Figure

wood and beads

Female Figure

wood and beads

Ere Ibeji Female Figure

wood with brass, beads, and pigment


wood and metal

Helmet Mask (agbogho mmuo)

wood with pigment and kaolin

Door Panel

wood with metal and indigo

Throwing Knife

iron, brass, and wood


iron and wood


wood and leather

Poro Society Mask

wood and quills

Poro Society Object

wood with pigment

Ceremonial Throwing Knife

metal, wood, fiber, and leather

Ceremonial Axe

wood, copper wire, and iron blade

Standing Male Figure

wood with pyrography

Staff Finial

wood, copper, and aluminum

Standing Power Figure

wood, raffia, and medicines

Leopard-Shaped Stool

wood, red paint, black paint, and white paint


earthenware with kaolin

Guardian Staff

wood and metal

Adire Cloth (eleko/oniko)

white cotton with indigo blue

Adire Cloth (alabere)

cotton with indigo

Adire Cloth (alabere)

cotton with indigo

Tripod Stool

wood and leather

Honey Pot


Records 1 to 90 of 254