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Backskirt (isithimba)

beads and leather

Portrait Mask (lipiko)

wood with human hair, paint and pigment



Pair of Sandals (mtalawanda)

wood with silver and copper

Ibeji Figure

wood, nails, cowrie shells, and camwood powder

Efe-Gelede Cap Mask (Apasa)

wood with indigo and white

Female Power Figure

wood and feathers

Pair of Beaded Dance Regalia Panels (yata)

cloth, leather, and multicolored glass beads

Face Mask (Ninea-Gla)

wood, metal, and chalk

Ibeji Figure

wood and beads

Power Figure (Nkisi)

wood, lizard, bushbuck horn, and medicinal substances

Female Figure (nkisi)

wood and porcelain

Crest Mask (Chi Wara)

wood, raffia, and brass

Bush Buffalo Mask

wood and pigment

Face Mask (Gle)

wood and fiber

Storage Chest

wood with copper, brass, iron, and pigment

Pair of Standing Figures (alusi)

wood (camwood) and paint

Crest Mask (sapele)

sapele (wood), ceramic, and brass

Female Standing Figure (alusi)

wood (camwood) and paint

Male Standing Figure (alusi)

wood (camwood) and paint

Miniature Initiation Mask

wood, pigment, and raffia

Chief's Stool

wood, brass tacks, and beads

Helmet Mask (epa)

wood, iron, fiber, and sacrificial substances

Helmet Mask (epa)

wood and pigment

Dance wand (Eshu)

wood, hide, cowrie shells, fiber, medicinal bundles, indigo

Elephant Cap Mask

cotton and glass beads

Cap Mask (Mbuya)

wood and pigment

Cap Mask (Pumbu)

wood, pigment, cloth, and fiber


terracotta with red ochre pigment



Reliquary Guardian Figure

wood, stain, and metal

Records 181 to 254 of 254