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Dance wand (Eshu)

wood, hide, cowrie shells, fiber, medicinal bundles, indigo

Helmet Mask (epa)

wood, iron, fiber, and sacrificial substances

Power Figure (Nkisi)

wood, lizard, bushbuck horn, and medicinal substances

Standing Female Figure (nyeleni)

wood, metal tacks, and cloth

Face Mask (Ninea-Gla)

wood, metal, and chalk


wood, metal, and cloth


wood, metal, fiber, and cloth

Ibeji Figure

wood, nails, cowrie shells, and camwood powder

Miniature Initiation Mask

wood, pigment, and raffia

Initiation Mask (nkanda)

wood, pigment, basketry, and bamboo

Cap Mask (Pumbu)

wood, pigment, cloth, and fiber

Crest Mask (Chi Wara)

wood, raffia, and brass

Standing Power Figure

wood, raffia, and medicines

Face Mask

wood, raffia, and pigment

Leopard-Shaped Stool

wood, red paint, black paint, and white paint

Reliquary Guardian Figure

wood, stain, and metal

Records 271 to 290 of 290