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Poro Society Object

wood with pigment

Men's Weave Cloth

cotton and wool


terracotta with red ochre pigment

Ceremonial Throwing Knife

metal, wood, fiber, and leather

Ceremonial Axe

wood, copper wire, and iron blade

Adire Cloth (alabere)

cloth with indigo dye


wood, metal, fiber, and cloth

Pair of Standing Figures (alusi)

wood (camwood) and paint

Standing Male Figure

wood with pyrography

Efe-Gelede Cap Mask (Apasa)

wood with indigo and white

Bound Figure


Female Power Figure

wood and feathers

Staff Finial

wood, copper, and aluminum

Standing Power Figure

wood, raffia, and medicines

Leopard-Shaped Stool

wood, red paint, black paint, and white paint


earthenware with kaolin

Pair of Beaded Dance Regalia Panels (yata)

cloth, leather, and multicolored glass beads

Standing Figure

wood and chalk

Face Mask (Ninea-Gla)

wood, metal, and chalk

Shrine Figure (onile)

brass or bronze, and iron

Divination Bowl (Agere ifa)

brass or bronze and iron

Backskirt (isithimba)

beads and leather

Helmet Mask (epa)

wood, iron, fiber, and sacrificial substances

Ibeji Figure

wood and beads

Crest Mask (sapele)

sapele (wood), ceramic, and brass

Storehouse Figure (tadep)

wood and chalky paint

Bush Buffalo Mask

wood and pigment

Miniature Initiation Mask

wood, pigment, and raffia

Chief's Stool

wood, brass tacks, and beads

Elephant Cap Mask

cotton and glass beads

Face Mask (Gle)

wood and fiber

Guardian Staff

wood and metal





Records 91 to 180 of 291