Portfolio: United Nations International Year of Glass 2022

The United Nations International Year of Glass (IYoG2022) is to celebrate the past, present, and future of this transformative material. Specifically to: Demonstrate the role of glass in advancing civilization throughout recorded history.

Records 91 to 180 of 229

High Kick Dancer

blown glass in a bronze cage


blown iridescent glass


blown iridescent glass

Pragnanz Series

laminated optical glass, granite

King Tut Vase

blue iridescent glass with white tracery

Cedar Grove

cut, fused, polished, and assembled glass

California Loop Series #31

blown glass with flotation foam and epoxy

Leerdam Colour Series LT11

blown glass and plaster of Paris

Wizard Teapot

blown glass with millefiori decoration

Suspended Artifacts

blown glass with metal base

Vase "Cooperrr"

crystal glass marvered in low fire black glaze

Vase "#2 Carryyy"

copper blue glass marvered in chromite and cadmuim sulfide


metal and painted glass

Glass Lamp with Seahorses

cobalt blue irridescent glass, bronze, and alexandrite


blown and fused filigrana and murrine glass


blown, fused, and engraved incalmo and murrine glass

Snake Oil

lampworked glass with applied paint

Indian Pipes Vase

lampworked glass encased in crystal

Records 91 to 180 of 229