Portfolio: CAPS - Contemporary American Painting & Sculpture

Acquisitions from the juried art exhibition shown at the Architecture building and later constructed Krannert Art Museum between 1948-1974.

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oil and tempera on cardboard (upson board - beaver board)


oil on reinforced plywood

The Four Seasons

watercolor on pieced sections of paper, mounted on board glazed w/ plastic

The Migrant

steel brazed with copper


oil and sand on canvas


oil on canvas mounted on Masonite

Le Faou

oil on silk cloth mounted on Masonite

Joseph and the Ishmaelites I

encaustic on canvas mounted on panel

Dying Steer

casein and oil glazes mounted on plywood

Jurassic Frieze

oil, collage, stone, canvas on plywood

Sundial for Racing

mixed media on canvas reinforced with fiberglass and resin


acrylic on shaped canvas

Genesis II

collage and oil on canvas

The Red Carpet

oil and newspaper on canvas

Vinum 8

Liquitex, perforated metal and fluorescent light

Love Object

epoxy resin reinforced with fiber glass and wood

A 2 5 8

baked enamel on steel

Records 1 to 90 of 106