Portfolio: Sculpture

Three-dimensional works of art.

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Solider and Sailor

plaster with green overcolor

Standing Solider

plaster with green overcolor

Standing Solider

plaster with green overcolor

Plaster Wreath

plaster with green overcolor

The Migrant

steel brazed with copper

Vinum 8

Liquitex, perforated metal and fluorescent light

Love Object

epoxy resin reinforced with fiber glass and wood

A 2 5 8

baked enamel on steel


aluminum and acrylic lacquer

Snake Oil

lampworked glass with applied paint

Talitha Cumi

paper, glass, wax, ash, string, cyanotype print, gold leaf, found objects

Suspended Artifacts

blown glass with metal base

Rolling Disc

polished steel, colored Lucite

The Newman Memorial Chalice

earthenware, acrylic, gold leaf

Chalkware Rabbit

molded plaster cast with paint

Pragnanz Series

laminated optical glass, granite

Guard Ball

electronic components in plastic bubble

Cedar Grove

cut, fused, polished, and assembled glass


steel painted in Honda yellow

Body Fluid

Rubber fisherman chest waders, shredded foam rubber, ceramic bowl (and water)

High Kick Dancer

blown glass in a bronze cage

Dead Objects

MDF, acrylic mirror, polyurethane foam, silicone, found objects

Records 1 to 90 of 121